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The Story

Talk about a nightmare! Teresa and I spent several days searching the valley for the best price tux's. Stupid Me. I thought that we would just be able to walk into a tux shop and get prices on a specific style and quantity. At every place that we went, they made us feel like we were buying a new car. "Give us your name", "What date is the wedding?", "How many people in the party?", "What colors are you having for the wedding?", "Will the bride be wearing white or some other color?", "What jewelry will the bride be wearing?" Crimany folks! I just want prices on freakin tux's. I don't want to sign my life away! (that happens on Jan 31st) :) After dealing with this crap for a while I remembered the place that sized me for Jeremy's wedding back in early 2001. The manager of that store was especially nice to me, so we went back there. The new manager there informed me that the person I was looking for had been transferred to a store on the other side of the valley, but she was more than happy to help me. And most of all, SHE DIDN'T TRY TO SELL ME A CAR WHILE I WAS THERE! I ended up using her shop. Which happens to be a chain across the Western US.


Do I need to rent a Tuxedo?

The following members of the party will need to be fitted for tuxedos by January 1, 2003.
Groom: Jason Howard Bartosch
Best Man: Jeremy Howard Lund
Groomsman: Michael Alan Davis
Groomsman: Brian Richard Dunnington
Father of the Bride: Robert George Klink
Father of the Groom: Josef James Bartosch
Ring Bearer: Steven Paul Klink

How do I do this?

  1. Print out the tuxedo sizing form (You will need acrobat reader to open this form)
  2. Take the form to a tux store near where you live
  3. Have the store size you and fill in the information on the bottom of the sheet
  4. Email me the information, or fill out the following form.
    Email Address:
    Height: Weight: Shoe Size:
    Overarm: Chest: Coat Size:
    Neck: Sleeve: Sleeve Inseam:
    Waist: Outseam: Hip:
    Special Instructions:

  5. We need to have the final adjustments done on Wednesday January 29, 2003 to ensure that there will be enough time to adjust the tuxedo if necessary
Gary's Tux Shop
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