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Welcome to our site! Teresa and I are glad you could stop by. This site will be constantly under construction, but hopefully I'll have it to the maintenance point sometime in the near future. For the most part the site is done. I haven't added photographs yet, but that should be happen within the next week or two. Below is a list of what is done and what still needs to be worked on.

2/6/2003 1:19 pm

THANK YOU! Teresa and I would like to thank everyone for joining us in person, or in thoughts, at our wedding and reception. It was the best night of our lives! I would like to apologize for the situation that occurred with the drinks being late. We handcuffed and flogged the person responsible for the mixup. :)

11/25/2002 3:57 pm

Check out the forum for information on the purchase of our new house!

10/19/2002 10:35 pm

Finished adding the rest of the Christmas 2001 photographs. Also changed the photograph links so they are consistant. They will all now open up a popup window and re-use it for each photo.

10/16/2002 10:26 pm

Just fixed the Discussion Forum. The front page server extensions decided to just stop working on me for the forum.  Oh well, fixed now.

10/11/2002 02:11 pm

Just finished the Discussion Forum. Go ahead, give it a shot. :)

10/7/2002 11:49 am

I've added photos to the Universal Studios, CA page

10/7/2002 12:53 am

I've updated the site to the new format. This is pretty much what it's going to look like from here on out. Below is a current status of the site.

Finished Areas:

Not Finished:
  • Guestbook
  • Discussion Group / Forum
  • Christmas 2001 Photos
  • Thanksgiving 2001 Photos
  • Photos of Teresa's Dallas Cowboy's Computer
  • Universal Studios, CA Photos
  • Wedding Photos (obviously)
  • Reception Photos (obviously)
  • Honeymoon Photos (duh!)
  • Bridal Party
  • Grooms Party
  • Adding timestamp to each page

09/26/2002 9:06 pm

Just finished adding black and white engagement photos. Hopefully I'll get the color photos up some time this weekend.

I'm also currently working on adding photographs from Universal Studio CA, Christmas 2001, and Teresa's computer (custom Dallas Cowboys computer that I made her for her birthday this year). Once they are finished, they will be added to the general Photograph page.

09/22/2002 11:07 pm

Currently the site can be used to get any wedding information that you need. If you don't find some information that you feel should be here, let us know. :)

Finished Areas:

Not Finished:

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